Mar 25, 2011

Portraits: Me & Mr. Cassidy

Ok this is the very last of my California posts, but I've saved the absolute best for last!

Let me introduce to you one dynamic duo,

Sit back, relax and before reading on please take a listen at these two song birds melt your heart.
Go on, we're not going any where ....
Amazing huh? You can find there music here, here and here and if you can't help but look for more of their sweet melodies, I won't be man if you left without saying goodbye, they are that good. But if you stick around, get ready for alot of FUN!
My darling friend Hope is no stranger to my blog, but this new musical adventure she's on with the charming Mr. {Scott} Cassidy is. Since her move from DC to LA last fall, she's been doing BIG things in sunny southern California. She and Scott have joined their musical singing/song writing talents to create some of the most beautiful, romantic songs. I could honestly listen to their songs all day long and never tire of hearing each song over and over again.
Southern California is spoiled to have Hope and Scott sing them sweet lullabies each night, but don't fret ... Hope and Scoot just recently recorded their first full length album so the rest of us can take Hope and Scott home with us in the near future.
Just this month both Hope and Scott traveled down to North Carolina to record their album and if you've taken a gander at any of their websites and links you'll notice a love story of two people and the journey that their love takes through out their lives.

The way that I get to capture love stories through my lens each and every day, 
Me and Mr. Cassidy did their own writing and seamlessly dreamed up a timeless love story of through each melody and each word of their songs.
Happy or sad,
  Serious, or silly, each one of their songs is stand-on-it's-own amazing ... 
but put them all together and you get a knock-you-off-your-feet album!!!
Me and Mr. Cassidy I love you both so much and your music moves me. From step 1 to step 2,034,708,321 I'll be cheering you on the whole way!

Alright, now it's the wait. The wait till their album comes out, and I'll be counting down the days because I'm so excited!

If you've stuck around mosey on over to Me and Mr. Cassidy's website, send some love their way, 
and soak up their sweet tunes and maybe share them with your friends.

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. SO darling! I can't even express. You have so much talent. Wow I just love this. Come take my wedding pictures when I finally meet Mr. Emily? Haha :)

  2. wow those epics are amazing!! and i am so jealous of her red hair :)

  3. SO cute! Love her fluffy crinoline!