May 23, 2011

Personal: The Californians Came, so The Lying Began

It all happened so fast, they came, they stayed, they got engaged, then they went. It all sounds so simple, but let me tell you ... from where I was standing nothing was simple that weekend. Nothing. And it was brilliant.
Two of my favorite friends in the whole world, Reinna and Christian came to "visit me and my little family here in VA" but really they came here to get engaged. The lying began the moment they landed.
The night they arrived was the first hurdle we had to jump over, Christian was proposing the next day and Reinna already knew something was going down during this trip {hopefully a proposal}. So we had one night and one chance to throw her completely off so that she wasn't expecting a ring in Virginia.

We talked, planned and schemed and finally Christian had a brilliant idea to draft up an "Engaged to be Engaged" contract with Reinna's parents before getting here and reveal it to Reinna the night they arrived. A contract to be engaged? I know it sounds crazy, but it was a fool proof plan, seriously. 

Ever heard of a Boyfriend Contract? No neither had I until my darling friends told me that their parents seriously made their boyfriends sign a boyfriend contract to set rules, and state intentions before courting their daughters, true story.
We got dinner ready, I helped set the mood and dimmed the lights in our dinning room then we were ready to get our lying on! 

We came downstairs then it began.
Oh that face Chris. Up to no good, because see Reinna's? She screamed "I was dreaming about this last night", this meaning Christian proposing. But He lied, I lied, and we basically crushed her little heart.
It got serious, I hid my laughter, She bought it and it worked like a charm.
It was a crazy night having my west coast loves back in my hometown again. We hung out all night catching up on all the time we've missed since my last trip to their coast. Even if we only see each other 3-4 times a year, once we're together it's like no time has past and we pick up right where we left off. What I love even more is that regardless of what coast we're on, theirs or mine, it always feels like home. I've always thought that about California, it's makes me smile knowing that they too feel that about Virginia.

The night ended with talk about Christian's imaginary photoshoot he booked the next day.
It was the decoy for the plans he had set for the next day, the real reason for their trip. The real engagement, not just a contract.  
Christian, you are truly a master of disguise and you pulled it off friend, I'm talking bout that towel .. haha.

I can't wait to share all about their real engagement, it was magical and 
unforgettable and worth all the secrets, stay tuned friends. It's coming.

For now go send some love and congratulations their way:


  1. !! So cute! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story / see the photos!

  2. hahahha i love thiss post!! ahhh ahahaha!!! such good liars you guys are@