Jun 2, 2011

Personal: Bridesmaid????

Two of my favorite friends in the whole world, Reinna and Christian are back in town. 
They'll be here till the weekend, then they'll make their way up to Delaware to shoot a wedding.

Last time they were here, they got engaged... 
{I know, I know ... pictures are still coming and they are worth waiting for, promise.} 
But here's just one more spoiler from that special day back in May.
I love these two soo much and at this very moment while I'm blogging, they are sitting behind me on my bedroom floor wedding planning. Wedding planning. AHHH!! It's all so very exciting.

Last night my sweet friends asked me to be part of this wedding planning goodness in such a sweet sweet way.
I squealed, we squealed and now, I'm officially a Bridesmaid!!! Gahhhhh! Reinna I can't wait! And I 'm so blessed to be part of your wedding. God has been so, so kind in blessing and growing our friendship over the years. You are more than just a friend, you're a sister and I love you so much. All these years of talk about the future, I can't believe it's already here. We're definitely not kids any more, but I'm blessed that we are still so close, if not closer than ever.
It doesn't stop there. Christian, who I consider one of my nearest and dearest friends also, got me this beautiful book I've been wanting for some time {I just never got around to ordering it}. He tweeted about crying the moment he got the book himself, then last month showed me the book and let me soak in as much as possible. And now, he's gotten me my own copy to find inspiration from. Chris, you are too much friend. Thank you for always being so kind, and for always inspiring me, or sharing inspiration with me. Your proposal was beyond belief amazing, I know you and Reinna will have the most beautiful wedding ever.
My heart is full and I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

As for my tummy, it's kindda empty. So off to the kitchen I go to cook up some Korean BBQ for these California kids. It's wedding season, and I love it!! Love love love it!

Happy Thursday friends!!

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