Jun 1, 2011

Personal: It's that time again

Though summer hasn't officially begun ... 
It's that time again for lingering daylight, warm nights, and ferris wheels.
Fun nights out with the family.
When west coast brothers come "home" again.
When ice cream is everywhere, and screams and laughter are heard from a distance.
Warm nights where sometimes you have to do some screaming yourself.
Hi mom!
Or warm nights seeing a loving married couple sit where a engaged couple once sat. It's hard to believe that it was already a year ago when I shot my sister and bro-ski's engagement photos at this same little spot. So much has changed since then, for one they are now preggos but they are also moving soon to make room for baby dearest.
What hasn't changed is sister's craving for deep fried oreos, just don't tell her doctor she was chowing down on that deep fried goodness. Hahah. These bad boys were so yummy, though I can't have more than 2 since they are so rich.
Yumm, yumm, and yumm.
It's spontaneous warm nights with the fam like these that start the summer off right. 

Before I end this here .... I love them, my family that is. They love me for me, even when me isn't the best me possible. Even when I mess up {big or small}, or look crazy when I dance around when no music is playing. Through it all they love me. I love them so. 

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  1. These pictures are so fun!! :D :D deep-fried oreos...dude... ;)