Oct 9, 2011

Personal: The Little Boy Who Changed Everything

Yesterday morning after a sleepless night in the hospital my big sister
edured the longest 11 hours of her life and gave birth to my beautiful nephew Noah.

Dear World, let me introduce to you Noah June Diongzon Limos.
He was 6.8lbs, 20 inches, born at 9:05am on Friday, October 07.
My big sis and my brother-in-law are simply overjoyed, head over heals in love with him and they're already wonderful parents. 
Yesterday Noah changed all of our lives. Life is never going to be the same, it's going to be fuller, crazier and there's gonna be alot more cuddling going on.
To all the mothers out there: you all are the bravest , strongest women in the world.

I am so very proud of my big sister and though I was scared I am so honored to have been with her, Noah and Terrence every single step of the way. They don't call it labor for nothing, it really is hard, painful work. But my sister did it and I knew she could. She's a tough girl and proved that this weekend. The moment she knew she was going into labor the first thought that crossed my mind was "She was made for this." My sister is going to be and already is one incredible mother. Noah is not only going to be the coolest boy on the block, but with my sister and Terrence as his parents .. he is one blessed and loved little boy. 

I love you sissy, Terrence and Noah ... you guys are my heart.
Noah, we've been waiting for you pumpkin ... I'm so glad you're here now.

All praise and glory goes to God for keeping both my sister and baby Noah safe and healthy through out the entire delivery and the last 9 months. This year has been a long journey for my sister and her growing family and it's only going to get more beautiful from here.

From one proud sister and aunt,
"Tita {aunt} Ica"

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