Nov 19, 2011

Events: Fabulous Frocks!!!

Before I catch up on a million lost blog posts, and a crazy fun trip to California ...  I've got one entry I must share about this weekend.

What's more fun than one beautiful, bridal gown?
An entire boutique full of them!!!
This weekend my friend and bride, Linda opened up her very own bridal consignment boutique in Alexandria, VA.
The space is amazing, the dresses are nothing short of the best, and "opening night" was festive, fun and such a wonderful celebration.
Dresses. I'm a sucker for dresses. Short, long, white, colorful ... I was dying, everything was truly fabulous. 
A little love goes out to my wonderful and handsome date, Tim. 
Thanks for being my +1 and enjoy cupcakes with me dear.

I initially invited my big sis because if you know the two of us, we are constantly watching "Say yes to the dress" together. So any reason to be surrounded by amazing white dresses must be shared with her. But this mama is having a hard time being apart for her little baby Noah for too long. She's such a mom. :)
I love a good fancy Friday night,
Linda was an amazing host,
But over the past year she's been an even more fabulous bride and friend. 

Linda thank you for inviting me and Tim to celebrate your birthday with you, and your shop opening. You've one of the sweetest brides I've ever had and thank you for all your love and support. If I wasn't a wedding photographer I'd want your job right now. Your boutique is just as amazing as I'd thought it'd be and I wish you the absolute best Linda!!! 

To my brides, my lovely friends who are engaged, and even to any ladies looking for pretty bridesmaid dresses you must come down and visit Linda's shop! Tell her Ica sent you, she'd love that <3

 Fabulous frocks of Alexandria, VA

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