Nov 15, 2011

Events: Identity Conference

Inhale BIG breath .... Exhale.

This week has been one earth shaking week for me, from the inside out. 
Attending Identity Conference had alot to do with it, more importantly so did great friends and an awesome God.

Tomorrow morning I leave sunny Southern California with a very full heart and a renewed spirit. 

As crazy as most of my visits to SoCal are, this time around I tried to keep as low of a profile as possible {an impossible task I} to help clear the clutter in my mind and remain a sponge for every this  conference had to teach me. And I did just that, but that doesn't mean I didn't get to squeeze in some fun on the rest of the days I was here. As usually, I will have to break down our adventures in separate entries but for now here are a few places to catch some of the action this week: are here and here.
Back to Identity, the conference was truly amazing ... everything I needed and more really.
The worship was beautiful, the speakers like Tim Sanders, David Jay and Rick Warren {to name only a few} were all inspiring and so encouraging. They even challenged me business wise, and heart wise to be better, do better and work harder. Blessed barely conveys how I felt by the end of the conference. 
So what is my identity? 
Well first and foremost I find my identity in Christ. He is my everything. 

Secondly I do what I do, because of "the butterflies".

The butterflies I get being in love.
The butterflies I get seeing my clients in love and capturing that.
The butterflies I get taking pictures I love that have meaning and tell a story.
The butterflies I get watching each bride walk down the aisle towards the man she's about to call husband for the rest of her life
The butterflies I get when I see a groom cry tears of joy on his wedding day.
The butterflies I hope to give someone's daughter some day when she looks at her parents wedding photos and feel what I feel every time I see my own parent's wedding photos.
And the butterflies I get when I think about God's unmeasurable, gracious love for me, and His goodness in my life allowing me to pursue a career I love and cherish.

It's the butterflies. Ica Images is all about "the butterflies".

I can't wait to implement all I have learned in these following days, weeks, even years. And continue to bring "the butterflies" to my clients, my work and my day to day life.
A thanks to our new friend Nick for this photo, and who also did an awesome job shooting the event!

Lastly lots of love goes out to my one of my best friends Reinna for joining me in attending the conference, and for being such a beautiful friend, host, and confidant. She's about marry one of the greatest photographers I know {who happens to also be one of the greatest friends I know} and will be teaming up with him in his photography business. Ammmazing, I know God is going to bless you both abundantly.

I hope some of you come out and join me next year {it was free friends!} and definitely worth the 5 hour flight out here if you're from the East Coast. And do stay tuned for some California adventuring here on the blog. There was too much being had and many photos to share!

Happy Wednesday folks!


  1. That's awesome, Ica :). Makes me think of one of my favorite songs: "Identity" by Lecrae

  2. Save me a spot next to you on the plane cause next year this girl is COMING!

  3. This makes me want to cry - thank God for "the butterflies"!

  4. @rachel that song is awesome!

    @julia, yesssss you HAVE TO COME!

    @carol ... yes, same here. God is so good!