May 18, 2012

Bride Diaries: Wedzu

My kindergarden teacher knew it long before I did, and she told my mom one day after school 
"You've got an artist on your hands."

I've always been this way, a lover of arts and crafts. So it's no surprise that most, if not all; of my wedding pretties will be DIY projects, or handmade lovelies. That's just the way I like it but I'm not like every bride out there. Not every bride has the luxury of time to craft up a storm for their wedding day, and nor does every bride want to craft. Which ever bride you are some of the sweetest ideas are already out there handcrafted by someone else ready for you to use on your wedding day.

I'd tell you about Etsy, but most of you already know about Etsy and know I have a sweet spot for it. So instead I wanted to share about Wedzu. It's almost exactly like Etsy but geared specifically towards  weddings. 

They've got everything from one of a kind wedding dresses, to stationaries, to customized wedding websites for the indie/DIY bride. Wedzu is only 2 years old so they are still fairly new but their product selections and designers are all kinds of amazing.

Here are a few fun finds I came across while "window shopping" on Wedzu.

I'd love to hear what you brides think about Wedzu, so go check them out.

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