May 24, 2012

Personal: 50's Themed Mother's Day

This post is a week and a half old, but it's going up anyways.
Mother's day was so fun and crazy this year.
It started really really early and ended really late, but all the in betweens were amazing.
It was the first mother's day for my older sister, 
And the first mother's day for my mom as a grandmother.
Growing up with a single mom meant always going big on mother's day. 

For mother's day I spent a few hours crafting both my mom and sister's presents. I sewed my mom an apron for all the wonderful baking she does. And then spent some time playing with fabric and my jewelry making supplies and handmade necklaces for them both. My favorite part was handcrafting their cards/frames that I'd love to share in the coming days. And the best part of it all, was knowing my mom would love it and hearing her say "there's nothing like handmade presents" when she opened up my gifts.

This year mother's day got a little fancy. As a church we sent our moms out to downtown Bethesda for a snazzy breakfast at a local hotel. The hotel lobby was full of our beautiful mothers and their laughter, and a morning of fellowship. It was a sweet treat seeing our moms relax and enjoy their day.

Church followed after our wonderful morning, and after church we were headed to a 50s themed birthday party for my best friend's mom. Hence the reason me and my family were dressed for a different era.
I woke up bright and early that morning to pin curl/finger wave my mom's hair. And I also let her borrow my totally appropriate vintage carpet bag that matched her outfit perfectly. 

It's the little things that I love sharing with my mom. The jokes we have, jewelry or purses, the times I do her hair in the morning, the conversations we have in the car, make up, stealing her sweat pants, and the way she makes fun of me and Tim calling each other "babe". I love her so very much.

Though I am not a mother, and won't be for a while, I hope that when I am, I am as graceful and as strong as a mother as my mom and my sister are. For now I love being an aunt.
Especially to this handsome guy right here.
I love my family, and I hope you all are loving on yours.
Happy Thursdays folks!

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