May 1, 2012

Portraits: Misha Lulu

It's live folks!!! 
Misha Lulu and Misha Lulu for Hello Kitty's Spring/Summer is offical up on the website! Go check it out!
After an exciting five month wait I can finally reveal a shoot I wish never had to end. 
I got to work with blog power-house Karen of Misha Lulu, her sweet husband, my friend Christian Cruz and a team of wonderful  blog mamas and their beautiful little girls.

A huge thank you and a million hugs goes out to my west coast 'big sis' Ruby for getting me connected with Misha Lulu. You're always so amazing! And another big thank you goes out to Heather and Citlali for being a huge help and for letting me and Christian borrow your girls for the day.
Anyways no amount of words can explain how much fun this shoot was. Ruby lent her plethora of vintage goodies and props, and her sweet home for us to shoot in. The kids are all so beautiful and despite the rain, shooting inside worked out perfectly.
Also Misha Lulu is doing some amazing things with Sanrio, her previous Hello Kitty lines have been amazing and they are just getting better and better with every season. I'll be the first to admit that I was probably as nervous as the little girls were before our shoot. Working along side such talented people is nervewrecking, but it's always so rewarding because the creative juices flowing all around you are always contagious.

Soul's striped dress had to be my favorite, if there were on in my size I'd totally wear it. 
Towards the end of our shoot we moved around the house, and even took some of the girls out back even in the rain. These girls were such troopers and they were so very patient.
These kids are truly models. Professional even.
I could go on for days with photos from our shoot because every was adorable, beautiful stylized and so much fun. So if you haven't gotten enough check out all four new lines on Misha Lulu's website, where there are plenty more photos. 


  1. soooo cute, ica! love this whole thing. just so adorable! :)

  2. Ahh! So good. I love little girls. :D