Jan 2, 2013

Bride Diaries: A year engaged

It's been one whole year of engagement cheer, and we've only got 3 more months to go. 
Who hit the fast foward button?
I can't explain how bittersweet it was saying goodbye to 2012. So much of the year I wanted time to speed up already, but these days I find myself almost wishing time would slow down a little so I can savor these sweet days that much more. Days of wedding planning, dress shopping, decoration making, vintage shopping, love celebrating, marriage preparing, apartment hunting, and lots of decision making. 

It's hard to believe that in our relationship this season of being engaged will be the shortest compaired to our years of dating and then marriage, though truth be told it's felt like the longest season. As everyone knows how excited I am to get married and how in love I am with my best friend, I'm starting to realize how much I've loved my "single" life and how it will be missed, especially engagement life. Who doesn't like independence, getting to know one's self, and being pretty carefree ... while being in love? Not that marriage will be boring or lack adventure {on the contrary marriage will be the greatest adventure I'll know}, but marriage is hard work. Grown up work. Being single is simple, and quite frankly it's easy. Marriage is messy, and real, but beautiful, and rewarding. Marriage is a daily commitment, and will be a constant responsibility that will need nurturing and TLC.  It's a little scary and all too exciting, but I’m ready to take that on with my future husband and most importantly with the Lord to lead and guide us. 

When I think about how much time we have left before we say I do I feel like there's not enough of it any more. When two days ago I felt like we had an abundance of time.  I'll miss using the word fianc√©, but my heart will delight in being called husband and wife for the rest of my life. I'll miss being pretty carefree and spontaenous, traveling on a whim and going where ever the wind takes me, but I know the reward and joys of working as a team, as a family will be greater. I'll probably have wedding planning withdrawals, but sharing life's journey with the man I  love most and following after God's plans for us will be like no other wonder.

Seasons always change, and when "winter warms to spring again" I will no longer be engaged, but finally married. Praise God for the changing of each season, and for the joy of knowing our future is bright in His hands. I'm so thankful for life's fullness, and God's sweetness and His grace while we wait for our special day. Whether you are married, engaged or single ... enjoy this season God has given to you to the fullest. You never know when it'll all change, for better or worse.

 2013 has arrived, and with it so has our wedding year!
Happy wedding year to all my fellow brides and grooms, it's going to be amazing!