Oct 4, 2013

Engaged: Karen & Manolo

Somethings while shopping at thrift stores you make new friends, Karen is one of those friends I made this summer.

And soon after we became friends, she got engaged to her very best friend, Manolo.
 Yes Manolo like the shoes.
 Their story is the one with 10 years of history.
 Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of laughter and tears, ten years of growing up and becoming adults, ten years of milestones, ten years of love and friendship.

 It's beautiful to see them together, they fit and their connection runs deep in their souls.

Their love is like your favorite pair of jeans, worn in and comfortable.
 On this very same bench more than 10 years ago Manolo took a chance and told Karen that he liked her.
Unlike fairytales, real life doesn't always work out the way we want it to and instead of being greeted with mutual feelings ... Karen said no. Her heart felt differently and she just wanted to be friends.
Fast forward 10 years and look where they ended up. Engaged with a dating record longer than some marriages.
 Their story makes me feel like this on the inside!!!
 Thankfully since then Karen has fallen head over heals for her man and in less than a year's time they'll finally be married.

Did I mention they have a dog named Batman who is and will always be their first born son. Hahah.
I'll let the rest of these pictures speak for themselves. Thank you Manolo and Karen for introducing me to "your beautiful park" {For Washington Park, MD} and for being so generous in letting me know and capture your story. Can't wait for your wedding day!

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